Metalcash offers the best price for special metals in Europe. Tailor-made price offer from 5,000kg

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Metalcash is wholesaler in metals and W3E recoverage

Metalcash recover at the best price non-ferrous metals, special metals and eletronic components (WEEE/W3E). Since the end of 2013, we also buy some more specific commodities, as engine ECUs, car turbo or medical radiographies.

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Recoverage, analysis and measure of the weight with you

Trust Metalcash We allow a big importance to the juste measure pf the weight of your commodity, so that you are paied as it should. That's why, no matter if the weighing is done on our premises or on yours, we always propose you to assist at it. Progress of the purchase in Metalcash.


Immediate payment

Metalcash pay cash With Metalcash you are immediatly paied after removal of your commodity. contact us to know our different payment modalities.


-> Tin purchase

Tin prices Metalcash buy per kilo all tin itemsn, whether it is crockery or decorative items, even broken. Tin is a non-ferrous malleable silver grey metal also used in solder.

View the tin purchasing prices.

-> Silver metal cutlery and items purchase

Silver metal prices Metalcash recover by kilo all silver metal items, whether it is maillechort cutlery or shaped pieces punched or not, even broken. Maillechort is an alloy of copper, nickel and silvery zinc.

View the silver metal purchasing prices.

-> Electronic equipments wastes purchase

WEEE prices W3E, WEEE or WEEE are electric and electronic equipments wastes. We buy at the best price computer cards such as processors, main memory, hard drives, ...

View the WEEE purchasing prices.

-> Medical radiographies purchase

Medical radiography prices Old medical radios worth money. In a process of specialized recycling, we do the extraction of the different metals contained in these and we can extract silver salts in small quantities out of it (Ag).

Know more about the Medical radiographies purchase.

-> Car catalytics purchase

Catalytic converters prices If you want to sell your catalytic converters, we can buy them. Below de 25 pieces, we work by category: S, M et L and XL. Above, by references to the piece.

Know more about the catalytics purchase.


More informations about the products we buy


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