Tin price in Euro per Ton: 30,419€ | Gold Price in Euro per Kilo: 71,448€ | Silver Price in Euro per Kilo: 857€

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Frequently asked questions

Are posted on this page the questions frequently asked.
If you don't find the answer to your question here, don't hesitate to contact us.

What do we buy and at what price?

We buy non-ferrous metals such as tin, silver metal at the prices posted on our page metals price.

We also buy WEEE such as goldcap ceramic cpu, ceramic cpu, plastic cpu, ram memory, all classes pcb card, computer tower, suply, optical drive and hard drive at the prices posted on our page WEEE price.


Why don't I see all prices?

To view all metals and WEEE prices on Metalcash, you must have a valid account. The creation of a personel account is immediate and totaly free.

Click here to create free your Metalcash account.


I have several items to sell, how to do it?

You have two possibilities:

  • To our deposit: with a minimum of 75 kg of tin or silver metal, we fixe at your convenience an appointment by phone to our deposit which is located in the province of Liege.
  • By post: By secure postal sending, you send the items you want to sell, from receipt of the commodity and after confirmation of the quantities with you by mail, we establish a transfer order in your favor within 48H.

    More informations about the postal sending service.


    What is the price of a postal sending on your premises?

    The sending cost varies depending on the weight and on the town in which you are. Please contact a transport company to know their sending prices. The delivery adress ils 4800 Verviers, Belgium.


    How is the weight control done?

  • On our premises, the wheight control is done in front of you with an electronic weighing machine of certified precision.
  • For postal sendings, we send you by mail the detailed statement of your commodity once analysed. We wait your confirmation to establish the transfer order.

    How is the payment done?

    The payment is done immediatly after the realization of the purchase voucher of your items on base of their weight.


    I have other questions, how to process?

    You can join us by phone during the opening hours at 00 32 479 79 75 90 or directly write to us from the page contact us.


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