Tin price in Euro per Ton: - 30,474€ | Gold Price in Euro per Kilo: - 69,501€ | Silver Price in Euro per Kilo: - 882€

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Prices of Special Metals of 25 June 2024

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Price Hafnium
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Price Titanium/Iridium
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Price Sn/Ag Slag
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» Sn/Ag Slag
Price for 500 kg
Price Molybdenum
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Price Widia
Prices updated at 10:05
» Widia
Price for 1000 kg
Price Silver and Gold Plated
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Purchase of special metals by kilo for Recycling

We buy special metals by kilo such as Hafnium (Hf), Molybdenum (Mo), tin scrap with silver or leftover tin containing gold (Au). Also, all silver (Ag) or gold (Au) plated connectors or punching waste.


What is a special metal

A Special Metal is a metal used in industry to obtain optimization of the chemical process during the transformation of raw materials. These special metals are rarer and are sometimes even referred to as exotic metals. These metals are often used in specific applications due to their unique characteristics, such as their corrosion resistance, high electrical or thermal conductivity, light weight, strength, or biocompatibility.


Who uses special metals?

Industries that often use recycled specialty metals include aerospace, electronics, automotive, and medicine. For the aerospace industry, specialty metals are used due to their unique properties such as light weight, heat and corrosion resistance as well as high mechanical strength. Nobium and Tantalum are used in jet engine components or propulsion systems. For the electronics industry, Platinum (Pt) is used in sensors, electrical contacts and electrodes. Indium (In) is used for low temperature soldering for LCD and OLED screens (ITO - Indium Tin Oxide). In the automobile industry, Tungsten Carbide, also called Widia, improves the durability and performance of components subjected to high stress.


Where to find Special Metals

Specials metals, due to their unique properties and relative rarity, come from various regions around the world and are often extracted by specific and complex methods. Specialty metals are crucial for technological and industrial development. Their extraction and production is concentrated in a few specific regions of the world, depending on available mineral deposits. These metals are essential in various applications ranging from electronics to aerospace, including the medical and energy industries.


How to sell Special Metals?

Contact us by email or phone to make an appointment! If you have other types of special metals, such as oxides, turnings, molten remains or any other form such as sponges, powder, an analysis will then be carried out upstream so that you are paid as close as possible to the value of your equipment. To receive a tailor-made price offer, simply send us a sample (200 grams) and tell us the quantity as well as the metal you wish to value as a priority. The recycling value depends on the quantity, metals and impurities contained as well as its nature.


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