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Silver metal purchase - Sell silver metal

Metalcash, wholesaler in silver metal buy at the best price all cutlery and silver metal items, even damaged. The silver metal price varies depending on the quality of the item and the silver course (Ag). We don't valorized magnetized items (contain iron). The posted prices are for a minimal quantity of 100 kg, for the smaller quantities, the purchasing prices are lower, contact us to know our purchasing prices for a particular.


daily price of silver metal items 26 May 2022

Price Silver Cutlery 90-100
Prices updated on 25/05
» Silver Cutlery 90-100
€ 22.60 / kg
Price for 100kg

Silver Cutlery 90-100

Hour Prix du 25/05/2022 17:05:01

Price Silver cutlery 84
Prices updated on 25/05

Silver cutlery 84

Hour Prix du 25/05/2022 17:05:01

Price Silver cutlery <84
Prices updated on 25/05

Silver cutlery <84

Hour Prix du 25/05/2022 17:05:01

Price Silver shaped pieces
Prices updated on 25/05

Silver shaped pieces

Hour Prix du 25/05/2022 17:05:01

Price Silver plated knives
Prices updated on 25/05

Silver plated knives

Hour Prix du 25/05/2022 17:05:01

How to recognize silver metal cutlery

The silver metal cutlery and items (plated with silver) are indetified by square, lozenge or bounds hallmarks. The percentage of silver used to plate the cutlery is sometimes writed on.

Are inrolled into this hallmark:

  • The figure I or II corresponding to the manufacturing quality.
  • The symbol specific to the goldsmith who have manufactured the item.
  • A figure showing the quantity of silver (optional).
  • The initials or the name of the goldsmith.

    Silver metal price in France

    The silver metal price isn't fixe, it depends on the first hand on the metal silver, then, for each item, the peice is defined by the hallmark punched on the item. The most common hallmark is the 84 but there are a lot of silver metal cutlery without hallmark.


    The silver metal is used to plated silverware

    It is silver (Ag) which is used to silver silver metal cutlery and items. This process consist in overlay maillechort items (which is an alloy of copper, nickel and zinc) with a thin layer of silver metal. The quantity of silver thus deposited on each cutlery is defined by a number in the hallmark.


    Silver course on the last 5 days

    The silver course varies depending on the London Metal Exchange (LME) which is the worldwide industrial center of metal trade. The course is updated from Monday to Friday. Please note that on some legal holidays, The Bourse of the London Metal Exchange is closed.


    Example of silver metal hallmarks

    The silver metal hallmarks are numerous and they define the quantity of silver deposited. Thereby, a hallmark 84 will signify that 84 grammes of silver have been used to silver 24 cutlery.

    Below, some example of French hallmarks.
    Silver metal hallmarks


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