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- Silver (Sterling) Price of 23 May 2024

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Price Industrial Silver (950/1000)
Prices updated on 22/05
» Industrial Silver (950/1000)
- 710€
Price for 10 kg
Price Silver Mix (800/950)
Prices updated on 22/05
Price Silver Filled
Prices updated on 22/05
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Buying solid silver - Selling solid silver (metal)

Metalcash buys all scrap silver as well as solid silver cutlery at the best price, even damaged. The price of solid silver varies depending on its purity and the price per kilo of silver (Ag). Please note that solid silver is not magnetized. Silver can be in several forms, including powder, mud, leaves, granules or even objects. Silver bars can also be bought back for recycling. There are also many products that contain solid silver, such as contact rivets, silver garlands, electrolytic silver waste or even silver anodes.


How to recognize solid silver

Cutlery or objects made of solid silver are generally identified by hallmarks or the numbers 800, 900 or 925. The percentage of silver used is generally at least 80% (800/1000).

Are written inside this hallmark:

  • The number I or II corresponding to the quality of manufacture.
  • The symbol specific to the goldsmith who made the piece.
  • A number indicating the quantity of silver (optional).
  • The silversmith's initials or name.

    Purchase of Silver Cutlery and Sterling Silver

    Please make sure it is solid silver before shipping it to us. If it is silver-plated metal cutlery, a square hallmark with the number 84, 90 or 100 is engraved on it. These silver-plated cutlery, also called hotel silverware, are also purchased but at a different price. Therefore, be sure to look for the 800, 835, 900, 925 or sterling stamp of authenticity.


    Buying silver coins

    There are many pieces made of solid silver. The best-known French plays are the Semeuse and the Hercules. For the Semeuse coin, it exists in several sizes and face values, it is in most cases composed of 83.5% silver. As for the Hercules coin, it is made of 90% silver. The best known are the 10F and 50F.


    Silver (Ag) course this year

    The silver course varies depending on the London Metal Exchange (LME) which is the worldwide industrial center of metal trade. The course is updated from Monday to Friday. Please note that on some legal holidays, The Bourse of the London Metal Exchange is closed.

    On May 18, 2024, the price of silver soared to its highest level in the last 10 years. The extraordinary performance of White Metal reacts to various political pressures and inflation. This is no less than 10% increase in one week for this still very underestimated metal.


    Example of Sterling Silver hallmarks

    The silver hallmarks are numerous and they define the amount of silver deposited. The best known French silver hallmarks are the Minerve.

    Below are some examples of the French Minerva hallmark.

    Poinçons Ag


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