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purchase Tin paste - Valorisation per kilo

Purchasing price Tin paste

We buy expired creams, pastes or solder products at the best price, we also value soiled and destroyed pot bottoms. We are able to process and enhance all your batches of ECOREL type soldering cream cartridges, tin-based soldering alloy (ECOREL-FREE), with or without silver (ECOREL FREE 305) content. The price displayed is for soldering cream, with 88% of metal content, a density of minimum 99% tin (Sn) and maximum 1% Copper (Cu).


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Hour The price we offer per kg for this item has been updated on 24/09/2021 17:05:01


Big quantity Tin paste to sell

The posted prices ar for a minimal quantity of 250 kg to sell. If you have a smaller quantity, please contact us to know our prices.

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