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Used catalytics purchase - Catalytic converters recycling

We buy all car catalytics, provided they are still charged with monolith.              

All brands catalytics price

There is several different classes of catalytics. To know the selling value of your catalytics immediatly,please get to our electronic cataog, more than 4000 references are there updated every 4 hours.

Catalytic converters recycling

The catalytic converters purchase is destinated to recylcing to extract the precious metals they contain. According to the different references, a catalytic may be worth more or less expensive. To know the price at which we by a catalytic converter, we offer free to our customers an access to our electronic catalog for catalytics purchase.

What is a catalytic converter?

The catalytic converter is a part of the exhaust pipe which aims to reduce the harmfulness of the exhausts. It contains in one of its internal chamber in stainless steel a thin layer combinig at least 3 precious metals such as alumina, cerium oxide or platinum, palladium or rhodium (called platinoid). Catalytic converters prices
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