Metalcash is wholesaler for tin, silver metal and electronic cards.
Metals purchase and specialized recycling Tin Silver metal WEEE cards Catalytics Medical radios Car turbos
Analysis and measure of the transparent weight We analyse the commodity and weigh in front of you Balance
Immediate paiement* The purchase prices are updated every 4 hours *Contact us to know the settlement terms billets euro

00 32 479 79 75 90

Opening hours only by appointment :
Monday to Friday : 10h-17h | On Saturday : Closed

Special metals, WEEE card and catalytic converters purchase

Metalcash Metalcash, wholesaler in special metals, offer the best price for the metals recovery such as tin, silver metal cutlery and electronic items wastes. For small quantities, please use the postal sending service.

Old tin purchase

Silver metal

W3E purchase

SnWholesaler since several years, we buy several tons of tin items each month to extract the raw materials out of it for a reusing in industry. AgSpecialized in silver metal cutlery purchase and recycling,we offer the best price per kilo according the cutlery to treat quality. AuWe recover electronic wastes from all Europe. Electronic cards contain precious metals in small quantity, which we revalorized.

Measure and transparent analysis of your metals

Metals purchase is made by weight, the price per kilo varis depending on the metal sort an on the quantity you have to sell. As the weighing defines your compensation, we ensure a total transparency during this step. Know more...
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