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Tin purchase and recycling - Sell tin

Metalcash, tin wholesaler, buy at a a record price all tin items, old or one-time, even broken or damageds. The tin price varies depending on the item quality and the tin course. You should know that tin items are never pure, they contain between 65% and 99% of tin. We buy tin (symbol Sn) on the base of an average percentage of 80% in the alloy. The posted prices are for a minimal quantity of 100 kg, for the smaller quantities, the purchasing prices are lower, contact us to know or purchasing prices for a particular.


daily price of tin and old tin 19 Augusut 2018

Price Tin 99%+
Prices updated on 18/08
» Tin 99%+
€ 12.20 / kg
Price for 100kg

Tin 99%+

Hour Prix du 18/08/2018 17:05:01

Price Tin
Prices updated on 18/08


Hour Prix du 18/08/2018 17:05:01

Price Tin solder bar 60%
Prices updated on 18/08

Tin solder bar 60%

Hour Prix du 18/08/2018 17:05:01

Price Tin solder wire 60%
Prices updated on 18/08

Tin solder wire 60%

Hour Prix du 18/08/2018 17:05:01

Price Zamak
Prices updated on 18/08


Hour Prix du 18/08/2018 17:05:01

Price Tin dross
Prices updated on 18/08

Tin dross

Hour Prix du 18/08/2018 17:05:01

Where do you find tin?

Thetin is in a lot of old items, including crockery, pots, plates, potteries but also beer ducts, solder bars and figurines, ammunitions, bearing shells, tinplates, liquor capsules, tin foil and balls. The industries have also tin wastes called drosses which can contain tin (Sn) mixed with silver (Ag). This drosses are bought more expensive, please contact us for an estimation of the price.


Tin price in France

The tin price isn't fixe, it depends on the first hand on its trading course, then, for each item, the price is calculated on base of the tin density in the alloy. We offer the best price for mixed food tin. The legal title is of 80%, but there are a lot of old tin items below this percentage. To know precisely the concentration of tin in an item, you have to make a X-fluorescence analysis with a machine called spectrometer.


Tin or Zamak? How to recognized it?

The tin and the zamak are two metals which seem similars, but they are not.
The zamak is much stronger than the tin (3 times more for the basic metal) and its density is weaker. Toe know the percentage of tin in an alloy, you have to use a spectrometer.

A few tips to recognized a false tin without spectrometer:

  • The item "broke" when you fold it.
  • The item has a color which tends to purple.
  • The item don't "scream" when you fold it.
  • The item is anormally weighty. (contains plumb)
  • The marbling on the item show a forced patina with acid.
  • Please note that the hallmark is not always a reliable indication what concerned tin items.


    Tin course on the 5 last days

    The tin course varies depending on the London Metal Exchange (LME) which is the worldwide industrial center of the metals trade. The course is updated 2 time from Monday to Friday, a first session is established at about 12h40 and a second at about 16h00. Please note that during some legal holidays,the Bourse of the London Metal Exchange is closed.


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